Hungarian Radio Amateur Contest Station

We prefer to contesting in the M2 (Multi/Two) category, so all the equipments planned to it. During the last years we created five workplace for this reason. The two "RUN" stations have 2x FTdx5000 with two inband radio (FT1000MP, FT2000) and the "multiplier" station has a FTdx5000 (all bands) to work as many multiplier as possible. The main stations with the inband stations have 1-1 piece OM Power 2000 amplifier with two pieces "ACOM 2S1" TX/RX commutator that allows the two transceivers to use a common amplifier and antenna. It guards each transceiver’s input while the other transceiver transmits, prevents simultaneous transmission, and allows simultaneous reception. The multiplier station has the Yaesu VL1000 amplifier. To check the antennas and powers, we use 2x "SWR5000", 1x "AVM 30", 1x "CN801" power meters. To filtering the local QRM, we use low and high level filters. 1x WX0B and 1x OM6bpf for low levels and 5x 4O3A type filters for high levels.
All stations are connected to Lenovo laptops by digital interfaces. "Run" stations has microHAM KEYER II and the rest have RigExpert Plus to control the radios. All laptops has Windows 10 (64bit) and Win-Test contest program. The QTH is equipped with fast 4G internet connection which is shared by a router and a switch on 1Gb LAN.

We continuously explore all possibilities. For this reason, a year ago we ordered two pieces of Flex-6400M with Flex Maestro. The first one arrived and it was under test since last November. A couple of months later we still have troubles with the Flex radio. Every month it gave us some "surprise", unexpected situations, malfunctions. This is not allowed during contests., so we better put it in reserve...
Transceivers :
4x - Icom IC-7610
3x - Yaesu FT DX 5000
1x - Yaesu FT 2000
1x - Yaesu FT 1000 MP
1x - Flex 6400M with Maestro

Amplifiers :
2x - OM Power 2000
1x - Yaesu VL-1000

Band Pass Filters :
5x - High power bandpass filters for 5 bands, type 4O3A.
1x - WX0B bandpass low level filter
1x - OM6bpf bandpass low level filter

1x - Yaesu FT-897D + PA (HA8UG)
Rotators :
11x - Yaesu G-2800SDX
1x   - "Giovanni" type big rotator for 80m 3 el. Yagi

Interfaces :
2x - microHAM KEYER II
3x - RigExpert Plus

Computers :
5x - Lenovo laptops with 2nd monitors

Softwares :
5x - Windows 7 x64
5x - Win-Test contest program
5x - ESET Smart Security (firewall & virusscanner)
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